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-Brian, Dominique & Indie
Indie,  Boston
Born    2/26/15
Placed 4/26/15

Brian & Dominique Wrote:
       "I don't know much about dog buying, but I knew I wanted to buy a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. Working with Burrow Kountry Kennel was so reassuring. They are quick to respond, and are happy to answer any and all questions. They let us come out and meet the available puppies before we decided on one, and we got to meet our little guy's parents as well. I really appreciated the honesty, openness, and obvious care shown at Burrow Kountry Kennel. We LOVE our little Boston terrier, Indie. He's a lively and sweet addition to our home. I've already recommended Burrow Kountry Kennel to a friend, and I will continue recommending them to anyone I meet looking for a puppy!"
                   Irresistible Indie

-Jennifer & Franklin aka Frankie
Franklin Branskevich III,  Boston
Born    2/18/15
Placed 4/28/15
Jennifer Wrote:

       "Just wanted to let you know that we are just over the moon in love with Franklin. He really is an amazing puppy. He is so sweet and cuddly and funny and already knows to potty on command. He plays with his toys and naps.. Is very sociable, has already met probably 100 people. We've brought him everywhere and he is so chill. He has his favorite spot in the house to lay down and look outside to the back yard and loves to be outside. He would stay out there all day long if we let him. He loves to sleep in his crate, just goes right in without any fuss and makes no peep all night.. He loves coming home.. Runs in and gets so excited. He is the most amazing dog and we are so grateful we found you.
       Working online and on opposite sides of the country could have been a very risky situation and you guys are just amazing. Franklin is the most gorgeous boy and we cant thank you enough! Please feel free to give my information to anyone looking for a reference.. I will be happy to provide rave reviews!! I have attached some pictures and we made him a facebook page, feel free to friend him if you want to keep up on his growth. :) (franklin branskevich iii). 
Thank you so much for helping us make a little family. Franklin is just the perfect!"

 Favorite Franklin

-Christine & Stella
Stella, Yorkie
Born  3/09/14

Christine Wrote:
       "This is our baby Stella. She is six months old and the puppy of Bear & Mindy Lowe. Stella weighs only three pounds and is very determined. She doesn't let her tiny stature stop her from getting what she wants. Most importantly, she is very healthy and smart. Stella is completely trained, she sits and stands on her back legs while twirling in a circle on command.  She definitely has great genes!!


       Although I did not purchase Stella directly from Myra Burrow but through a second party, after I purchased Stella I did have a few questions about her litter.  Both Myra and her daughter Carrie were so so helpful. They answered all my questions and even at this point (several months later) they would still speak with me if I should still need them. Stella is our third Yorkie and if I could convince my husband into a fourth I would definitely go direct to Myra Burrow for that purchase!!"

                                                 Stunning Stella       

-Christine, Teddy & Tobby

Tobby, Pek-a-Poo
Born    4/20/14
Placed  6/24/14

Christine Wrote:

     "I just want to let people know that if your thinking about getting a puppy from Burrow Kountry Kennel you should.  You can  trust them to deliver your puppy.  I got my sweet puppy from them. And I love him so much.  He is so loving.  I got a happy, loving, healthy puppy.  I am so happy.  Thank you so very much."

Terrific Tobby     

-Taisha & Family & Bailey

Bailey, Cava-Chon
Born    4/23/14
Placed  6/24/14

Taisha Wrote:

     "I have recently purchased a Cavachon puppy from Myra and Carrie.  I have had an absolute WONDERFUL experience with them from beginning to end!!!  I was a little apprehensive at first about purchasing a puppy online, but I was quickly put at ease.  Carrie and Myra answered all my questions in a prompt and professional manner, sent pictures whenever I requested, and remained helpful and upfront throughout the entire process.  I wish I could give them a big hug!!  I received a healthy, happy, outgoing, affectionate puppy and my family is overjoyed!!  We just love our little Bailey!  Even potty training so far has been a breeze!  We can tell that she came from a loving home/breeder and we are so grateful to Burrow Kountry Kennel for delivering exactly what they promised!!!  They really care about their puppies!!!  Thank you sooooo much Myra and Carrie!!!  Bailey is an amazing addition to our family!!  I will definitely be recommending you guys to family and friends!!!"
Beautiful Bailey     

-Gary & Rosie

Rosie, Boston
Born    3/15/14
Placed  5/17/14 

Gary Wrote:    

     " Recently, my beloved Boston Terrier, Maisy, passed away on 4/19/14.  I love this breed and wouldn’t have any other.  It was by luck that I came across Burrow Kountry Kennels, and it was most definitely GOOD LUCK!  They had three Boston puppies for sale, one of which was in the process of being adopted.  I wanted a female, and there were two females left.  I called Carrie about them.  She let me decide overnight which one I wanted.  This was indeed very kind as there were other people who were probably looking at them too. 

The next morning I let Carrie know my decision and placed a deposit to hold “Rosie” (our name for the new Boston).  I wanted to see the puppy beforehand to make sure it was in good health and to make sure the care of the dogs was up to par.  Let’s be honest, with so many puppy mills around, you don’t know what you are getting, particularly if you can’t see the puppy before receiving it.

My wife and I went the next week to see Rosie and also see her parents too.  You, as a potential buyer, have NOTHING to worry about regarding this business.  They are a most responsible breeders, and from the level of care observed, it is so obvious they love these animals too.  I’ve never been in this type of business before, but just having two dogs for myself is more than enough to take care of albeit many dogs AND litters of puppies too.  All of the dogs that we came into contact with smelled clean, looked bright and healthy, had clear/shiny eyes, and were VERY happy and playful.  The care Carrie and Myra give their animals is OUSTANDING.  Rosie’s parents were as well cared for as my own dogs are.  That told me a great deal about how well they run their business.  Even Rosie’s parents showed no aggression when handling Rosie.

We picked up Rosie on May 17, 2014, and she had just turned 9 weeks old.  She was weaned and completely socialized.  The socialization is critical, and they have a very nice, spotless room they keep the puppies in that they are socializing.  They have the most wonderful little French Bulldog, Abby, who assists in the socialization.  Everything is clean and smelled clean too.  I can’t say enough about my experience with Burrow Kountry Kennels. 

I took Rosie to our Vet the following Monday.  He said she was in perfect health, and that the breeder had done a WONDERFUL job with her.  Our Vet is also associated with the University of MO. School of Veterinary Medicine.  If you are contemplating purchasing an animal from them, be assured they are QUALITY breeders who take what they do seriously and with great heart.  Their ethics are beyond reproach.  I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.  Be assured you will be getting a well cared for puppy if you can’t visit in person.  Carrie and Myra are running a most respectable and honorable business – they’ve “set the bar” for other breeders!

Thank you Carrie and Myra for the wonderful care and kindness you have shown.  Not only do I have a new “little buddy”, I have also made two new friends.  Rosie sends her thanks too for the lovely gift basket!!  She is REALLY enjoying the toys!!"

 Ravishing Rosie   

-Yvonne & Rudy

Rudy, Cava-Poo
Born    1/19/14
Placed  3/22/14

Yvonne Wrote:

     "Carrie, I had to write to thank you for answering all of my questions and keeping me updated on how my little pup was doing. I really appreciated that you took the time to talk to me and to send photos of Rudy (Percy). Thanks also, for meeting up with me on the day I picked him up.We had our vet visit yesterday, and he checked out with flying colors! He's so cute, playful, and loves to snuggle. I'm amazed by how quickly he's catching on to potty training. Amazing for only 8 1/2 weeks old!
As you can tell, I could't be happier about my experience with Burrow Kountry Kennels. Will definitely recommend you to others who are looking for a healthy, socialized puppy of their own. Here are a few photos of Rudy for you."

Romantic Rudy    

-Matthew & Sherry & Rosey

Lady Rose Bud, Cavalier
Born  12/04/13
Placed  1/31/14

Sherry Wrote:

       "We are SO incredibly happy with “Rosey”, and we wanted to thank you for being such an incredible team of people to deal with. Your ethics and your love of all dogs is so evident with what you sell, and , more importantly, WHO you sell to. If you ever need a letter of referral , never hesitate to contact me or My husband, Matthew. We will go the distance for you,……..Just like you do for your specially cared for Dogs, and their Puppies. Thanks again for your expertise and your kindness toward us, and; moreover, for the Dogs, that you clearly care for, as well as the puppies that you carefully screen potential “owners” for."  

Lovely Lady Rose Bud & Her New Sibling   

-Ainsley & Family & Crush

Crush, Mal-Shi
Born   8/25/13
Placed  10/31/13

Ainsley wrote:

          "My family has never purchased a dog online before so we were a little weary of the situation; but, Burrow Kountry Kennel made this such an easy and pleasant experience. If we need another dog, we will definitely use them again....no question! They responded very quickly to all of my questions. They followed through with everything they said they would do. They delivered a happy, healthy, and well adjusted puppy. They were responsive and concerned about him even after he made it to us! They always had the puppies best interest in mind. They only ship him when they know he is ready to leave his mom and littermates. They were very professional. All of the paperwork we needed was provided (vet visits/registry paperwork/microchip registration). I would highly recommend Burrow Kountry Kennel and have already spread the word around Baton Rouge that they are a great organization to work with." 
 Charismatic Crush & Ainsley's Beautiful Boys    

-Anna & Rosie & Penny

Rosie, Pek-a-Poo
Born   8/19/2012
Placed  10/29/12

Penny, Pek-a-Poo
Born   7/18/2013
Placed  9/16/2013

Anna wrote:


         "We have purchased two Pek-A-Poo puppies from Myra and Burrow Kountry Kennel.  Rosie was the first one to join our family in October of 2012.  We and our kids fell in love with her the moment we saw her.  She is the sweetest puppy you could ever meet.  We were so happy with her that we soon decided we wanted another.  Without a second thought we knew we had to go back to Myra and in September of 2013 we adopted Penny.  Rosie and Penny are half sisters but they are so much alike.  They are both loving, playful and affectionate puppies.  Neither can pass another dog or person without saying hello.  It didn't take long for the two to bond and they have quickly become the best of friends.  They love to wrestle and roll around on the ground then curl up and sleep next to each other.  They are the most adorable puppies you could ask for and have the best of temperaments, especially considering we have four kids!  We could not be happier.  Thank you Myra for helping to make our family complete."


-Monica & Ollie

Ollie, Malti-Poo
Born  12/08/08
Placed  2/12/09

Monica wrote:

          "I purchased my little maltipoo, Ollie, from Myra and Burrow Kountry Kennel in February 2009. He is my first puppy so I was somewhat hesitant and had a million questions so I feel incredibly lucky that I found a wonderful breeder that truly cares for her puppies. Myra was extremely nice, patient and helpful in answering all my many questions throughout the entire process, including questions I had once Ollie was at home with me. Working with Myra was a very pleasant experience and I certainly intend to purchase another little one from her when Ollie is ready for a buddy. When I took Ollie in for his first vet check,  my vet told me how lucky I am to have such a perfectly healthy little guy and attributed much of that to the breeder. Ollie is so adorable, sweet, playful, silly, smart and loving. I had no idea how much joy he would bring to me. Little Ollie came into my life during a difficult time and I truly cannot imagine what I would have done without him !! Thank you Myra!"

Baby Ollie

-Karen & Penelope & Puck

Penolope & Puck, Shih-a-Poos
Born   1/31/09
Placed  4/09/09

Karen wrote:

I wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our puppies.  They are the little Shih poos that you sent to Denver in April.  We named them Penelope and Puck.  They are delightful.  Every where that we go, people want to know what kind of puppies they are and then go on and on about how cute they are.  We have even had people try to buy them from us!  They are well behaved, and have the best temperaments.  I am so happy that we have two of them as well.  They wrestle around and play with each other constantly and it is a joy to watch.  We just couldn't be happier with them!  They have become such a happy part of our lives.  We adore them!"


Penelope & Puck

-Natalie and Percy

Percy, Toy Poodle
Born   10/27/08
Placed  12/24/08

Natalie Wrote:
    On December of 2008 I purchased my toy poodle, Percy, from Myra and Burrow Kountry Kennel. At first I was hesitant about buying a puppy off the internet. My mother and I had a whole bunch of questions prepared to ask Myra to see if she was a real dog breeder. Myra was extremely patient to answer all our questions and nice to us through the whole buying process. I'm extremely grateful to Myra for being so loyal because she even woke up super early on Christmas eve to send me my puppy and I will never forget the day I got my toy poodle. when I got her she was very healthy and even her vet noticed she was healthy. Percy is adorable and fun and very energetic, I am so glad to have bought my puppy from Myra. Percy is now going to be 1 years old in October and she is still a ball of sunshine. To any one who has doubts about buying any type of dog from Burrow Kountry Kenne, I have to say there's no need and I recommend buying puppies from here, working with Myra was no stress at all. Thank you Myra from the bottom of my heart.

Baby PercyPercy Grown


Lucy, Poodle
Born  10/27/08
Placed  12/24/08


-Missy Girl Thomas from McAllen, Texas

Missy Girl, Boston Terrier
Born   9/18/08
Placed  11/15/08

If you have purchased a puppy from us and would like your testimony on our website, please contact us with you story and pictures. Thanks!

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